A day without technology

A day without technology is ‘lame’ and we seem to be handicapped. In every where of human life,from daily to world life, we cannot move in a second without technology. Even, our communication system has become more dependent on technology. Nowadays,we cannot even imagine communicating without technology.

The most frequent uses technological tools.

We communicate each other through cell phones, email, messenger, voice call, video call etc; technology is used for the purpose of group communication also. Technology has made our life easy and comfortable for the uses of different purposes like marketing, banking, paying bill, entertainment, education and so on. Thus, technology has made us dependent on it for sharing opinions and feelings through various social media. We can do our social activities and explore ourselves with the help of technology.

By using technology one can connect and meet with new people thus be able to learn new things and earn new knowledge. Communication technology has made human relationship stronger than earlier since it has enable people to communicate in a cheaper and easier way. People need not to be present physically to meet with someone.

Children are becoming alone from their early hood.

In this virtual world of globalization, where everyone is in a race, it can hardly be expected that people will continue a regular communication with their friends and persons whom they barely know. But this ever hard task is possible only when they use technology in communication.People use mobile phone apps to meet and connect with new and old friends.
The best and the most usage of technology are in doing communication. The cell phone is rough invention of technology that is used for communication.

Most of the business meetings are now being held via technology. The concept of e-commerce, e-tail, Business-pages are now much popular among people.

Technology in Job assignment

The businessmen prefer to run their business through technology in advertising, selling of products, getting payment (receiving credit cards instead of cash), etc.Using technology in business is very much effective to run it.
Technology is no longer limited within communication. It is now being used in the areas of cash received & delivery, admission in university or hospital (online), pay bill of banking. Advantage of using communication can also get in transport system like- doing or renewing passport and visa, booking ticket (plane-train-buses), knowing any latest information about the ticket, purchasing the devices and so on. Without technology we are nothing but a blind. The days will be harder and harder if we just think about without technology.

Again technology is being used in agriculture and fisheries. We not only use mobile phone to communicate but also obtain information. Radio enables us to get weather updates. Radar is using to know about the condition of sea. Television is broadcasting government announcement. We use computer to store information. Newspaper, the outcome of technology, disseminates news and views to the public and makes them aware and conscious every single day.  Sonar is using in detecting location of specific. Wireless set is using emergency communication.
Furthermore, in educational purpose, technology is a reliable term. Both of the students and teachers have been benefited by using technology in this regard. Apps, e-book, e-library all of those help student to study sitting anywhere at any time.

Multi media projection based class

They can enjoy video class, visual learning which are much effective in learning. The most complex admission procedure has come to an easy task. Teachers arrange examination, set question paper and provide schedule of the class through internet, an ever modern technology. Students and teachers can receive and share file easily and instantly sitting their own place.

Finally, it can be asserted that we hardly can think about a day without technology where we are much dependent on it in communication (formal or informal), education, marketing, business and commerce, entertainment, and what not. We are active, leisured, trained, energetic, skilled, friendly with technology; again we are inactive, slow coach, indolent, lazy, sluggish, lethargic, blind, handicapped without technology since it is a part and parcel of our life.


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